Out of a job in a tough job Market? We will show you proven ways to:

  • Prepare an effective resume – including what to have in it that hiring execs look for and others tell you not to include

  • Build an effective network that works for you

  • Have a winning job interview – at all levels in the process

  • Successfully negotiate an offer and close the job campaign

Starting a New Position And Nervous About It? We’ll teach you how to:

  • Get off on the right foot with your new boss

  • Meet and build productive relationships with your new peers

  • Learn the new job and how success is measured

  • Build positive, enduring relationships with your clients (every job has them!)

Worried about any of those “Transition Points” that can either move your career ahead – or hold it back depending on how you handle them? E.g.:

  • Getting a new boss from inside or outside the organization

  • Being Transferred

  • Having a bad performance review

  • Making a serious business mistake

  • Being undermined by your boss or a co-worker

  • Being offered a high-risk assignment

  • We help you to anticipate and successfully deal with all of these and more!

Who are we?

We are experienced senior level coaches to executives, high potentials and young professionals in all functions in business, education, government, and non-profit.  We have coached thousands of young professionals on how to land good jobs, start successfully and succeed at all levels on their career path.  To learn more, go here: https://www.linkedin.com/company/mycareercoach

Wherever you are in your career, our courses can help you to maximize success and minimize problems.

What will these courses do for you?

Well, among other things, they will:

•       Give you proven advice on the most effective ways of landing a great position even in a competitive market – including developing a winning resume, building a personal network that will work for you, the secrets of a successful job interview to how to negotiate a final offer.

•       How to start a new position on the right foot – avoiding common pitfalls and seizing opportunities that others often miss;

•       Anticipate and successfully deal with the many “transition points” (e.g., getting a new boss, a promotion; new responsibilities, etc.) that occur in any career but are often unanticipated and can either help or derail a career depending on how they are handled.

Competition is fierce.  Landing a great job and succeeding in any job are hard work, particularly in today’s market.  To be the winning candidate and successful professional, you need the right tools.  The video sessions of these courses will provide you with knowledge and confidence and  step-by-step success plans to maximize your career success.  

Take advantage of our years of experience in helping both young professionals as well as senior executives to find rewarding positions and succeed in them.  For less than the cost of an hour with one of us in person, we provide you with the tools you will need to flourish in this difficult job market. 

To learn more about us and our courses, visit our YouTube channel and subscribe for regular updates.  To sign up for a course that meets your needs click the “View the Courses” button below.

All the best, 

The Ball & Associates Team.

The Senior Coaching Team

Fred Ball is the Founder and Managing Director of Ball & Associates, a human-resources consulting firm where he coaches influential senior executives and young professionals for Fortune 100 firms. He is the co-author of the highly acclaimed books, Killer Interviews:  Success Strategies for Young Professionals, and Impact Hiring:  The Secrets of Hiring a Superstar.  In his role as a nationally recognized resource for the media on the issue of interviewing from either side of the desk, he has appeared on national and local television (NBC, CNN, Fox), radio (WCBS, The Source Report), and print media (Chicago Tribune’s Syndicated column).  He was director of the Institute for Administrative Research at Columbia University. He holds a doctorate in organizational systems from Columbia.


Richard Kendall brings over 20 years of experience in marketing, market research, and business consulting. Before starting his own business consulting practice, Rick was President of Impakt Health, a leading publisher consumer magazines in the field of integrative medicine. Prior to that, he was Vice President of Marketing for Cinemax. He has also worked in market research at Yankelovich, Skelley and White in New York and Abt Associates, Inc. in Cambridge, MA. Rick is past president of the New York American Marketing Association. Throughout his career, he has coached and mentored young professionals. He holds a Ph.D. in psychology from New York University.